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DAL-1000 point to point digital radio link in free ISM* bands (Europe, America and Asia)

The DAL-1000 audio link is a stereo audio point-point link.

Designed and manufactured by WAVENET, it has been created to make easier the connection from one point to other one fast and nimble way. It is no required administrative process, considering that it works in ISM* bands

This system is perfect for replacement of point-point links from studios to broadcasting centers without obtaining administrative license.

Just with 100 mW power output, it is able to connect distances up to 25-30 km , transmitting and receiving L and R in broadcast quality.

Simplicity both in use and installation, adding to working in ISM* bands, make of this equipment a nimble, versatile and non-complexity solution.

Technical specifications
Frequency: 860 - 915 MHz ISM* bands ITU1, ITU2 ITU3 Data rate: up to 400 kbps
Number of channels: 10 selectables Adjacent channel rejection: 60 dB
Modultion: FDMW1 Locking: 75 dB @ 1 MHz
Error correction: Reed-Solomon FEC Nominal and peek deviation: +/- 250 kHz
Sinthesizer resolution: 4.7 Hz Output impedance: 50 Ohm
Output power: 100 mW Rx sensitivity: -100 dBm @ packet error rate < 5e-4
Spurious emissions: complying with ETSI ETS 300 454 According to ETSI, FCC y ARIB
Audio input and output: 600 Ohm balanced Sample frequency: 48 kHz
Audio bandwidth: 20 Hz / 20 kHz +-0,5 dB SNR: > 85 dB
Distortion: < 0.3% Audio output level: +10 dBm max
Encoding: WAC 256 kbps
Power connector: XLR4 male Tx audio connectors: XLR3 female
ON / OFF switch Rx audio connectors: XLR3 male
Channle selector Aluminium encased
Power supply: 12 VDC 200 mA Dimensions (per unit): 300 x 145 x 40 mm (1/3 rack)
Audio monitor in front pannel Weigth (per unit): 700 gr
1/4" stereo jack Tx indications: status, power on and L / R peak
Tx and Rx antenna connector: N type Rx indications: status, RSSI, power on and L / R peak