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Wavenet Radio & Avionics

Servicios de Radio Wavenet is a company established early 1996, which main activity is designing and manufacturing professional broadcast and avionics systems, being its capital one hundred per cent spanish.


He has a group of highly qualified professionals with a great experience in the sphere of its competence, and with the most advanced technological resources for the development of its activity. The result of this combination is a range of professional products for broadcasting and onboard avionics with a very high performance and a quality/price ratio that has no competition in the market. All this means that the products of Servicios de Radio Wavenet are very positively valued worldwide.


The activities of Servicios de Radio Wavenet are focused on the following aspects:

  1. Design, developing and manufacturing of our own products.
  2. Customer oriented development.
  3. Technical assessment.


Wavenet´s processes allow to control the production from the beginning of a system to the post-sale service, which allow us to offer our customers a guarantee not only on the quality of the equipments but also on possible adaptations to their particular necessities.