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Products customer request

Wavenet have adecuate resources for radio projects for the customers that need it. The same care and professionalism we put into developing our own products apply on their own. Contact us and see that you can count on our resources as if they were in their own facilities.

Some examples of customs development for our customers:

  • Development of an upper sideband modulator for use in SCA commercial FM stations.
  • Development of a guidance system for blind people, based on radiofrequency.
  • Development of a video modulator for distribution in collective networks.
  • Development of an advanced video intercom system with intelligent signaling.
  • Development of a system of reading and writing based on ISO 18000-3-1 protocol type card ICODE at 13,56 MHz.
  • Development of a system to the transmitter and receiver use low power for a system of automatic bids.
  • Development of a data transmission system in simplex mode and RF diffusion through for telebingo.
  • Development and implementation of a distribution system in Tx and Rx RF signals wireless intercom equipment.
  • Development of a GPIB system.
  • Development of a distribution system to 12VDC from the power (28V) from the helicopter, remote actuator.
  • Development of a transmitter-receiver designed for full-duplex communications between an armored vehicle and three security officers.