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PT-09 DOLPHIN Digital video link

Professional audio/video transmission with low delay in a compact, light-weight package provided clossest alternative to wired cameras.


Frequency 1,43 to 7,5 GHz
Channel bandwidth 8 MHz
RF output power 100mW
Modulation COFDM 2k DVB-T
MPEG 2 encoding MPEG-2 video according with ISO/IEC 13818-2
Control Inbuild display and keyboard configuration and control
Power input 11 to 17,5 Vdc
Consumption 9,6 W
Temperature -10º C to +55º C
Relative humidity 90 %
Dimensions (mm) 170 x 140 x 65
Weight 1,5 kg
Input / Output
Video In BNC female 75 ohm, CVBS, SDI
Audio In XLR3, female, 600 ohm 2 x analog audio
DC In XLR 4, male 11 to 17,5 Vdc, V Mount
RF out Type N, 50 ohm
Mobile digital electronics news gathering
OB applications
Live events
Frequency range from 1,43 to 7,5 Ghz
COFDM 2k Transmission
Bandwidth 8 MHz
Low latency
Low power consumption
Standar connectors (XLR and BNC)
Rugged and lightweight design
IDX / Anton Bauer / Pag battery mount