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Radar Altimeter RA-17DR

WAVENET RA-17DR is the second generation of our radar altimeter for UAV,s and/or RPAS, with a new software and manufacturing process, which make it have much better performance and new features.

As in the previous version, we have specially kept in mind its limited weight and measures, as well as its low power consumption.

At the same time, we have taken into account in its design to be easy the integration in any aircraft, equipping RA-17DR with multiple fixing points.

Another important advantage of RA-17DR: the working frequency is ISM 24 GHz, which allows to work all around the world without special permits.

Main new features and improvement provided by this new generation are:

  • Better accuracy at low altitudes.
  • Better performance in going out and in range.
  • Capability for on/off during fly.

Gráfico radar altímetro RA-01