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Radar Altimeter RA-17GA

RA-17GA is the new generation of WAVENET Radar Altimeter for general aviation, light aviation and ultraligth aviation. A new software and manufacturing process make it have much better performance and new features.

The main new features and improvements provided by this new generation are:

  • New 4 patch antennas.
  • Better accuracy at low altitudes.
  • Better performance in going out and in range.
  • Capability for on/off during fly.

The system is made of:

  • RA-17GA RA-01GA main unit allows a precise measurement in a wide range of altitudes, from the very low up to the maximum of the instrument.
  • RA-17D digital display is a compact subsystem that can be mounted on any panel of standard aviation due to the standard diameter of 2.25" from your front deck.
  • Two 4 patch antennas.

The RA-01GA is an accurate and affordable instrument that allows us to have the total reliability of knowing the actual height to the ground at any time during the flight.

Gráfico radar altímetro RA-01