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Radar Altimeter RA-17RB

RA-17RB is the new generation of WAVENET Radar Altimeter for aerobatics. A new software and manufacturing process make it have much better performance and new features.

The main new features and improvements provided by this new generation are:

  • New 4 patch antennas.
  • Better accuracy at low altitudes.
  • Better performance in going out and in range.
  • Capability for on/off during fly.

The RA-17RB is a radar altimeter designed especially for use on aerobatic aircrafts.

The RA-17RB consists of a main unit that hosts all processes of RF and two antennas (Tx and Rx).

In the design of the RA-01RB has been especially taking into account the design of antennas, getting their lobe of radiation adapts perfectly to the figures of the "unlimited" series, getting right measures even in 90° pitch and roll angles, as well as in high acceleration maneuvers (it has been tested even in ±14 G).

Gráfico radar altímetro RA-01