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Aerial band radio ABR-DM01

The APR-DM01 is a VHF Transceiver designed by Wavenet as a compact system for use on ultralight aircraft, helicopters and general aviation.

ABR-DM01 allows voice communication in the frequency range between 117.975 MHz and 136.975 MHz with a selectable channel spacing of 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz.

This VHF transceiver is a unit of a single compact and lightweight block. Its dimensions correspond to the diameter of a standard instrument of 58 mm (2 ¼ inches).

It incorporates an intercom system that is automatically activated via VOX (adjustable). The VOX threshold setting is available to the pilot.


Aerial band radio ABR-DM01
Frequency range:117.975 to 136.975 MHz
Channel spacing:25 kHz or 8.33 kHz (selectable)
Storage temperature range:-55° C to 85° C
Operational temperature range:-20° C to 55° C
Nominal power range:11.0 to 30.3 V DC
Reception mode consumption:
Transmission mode comsumption:
1800 mA
Number of channels at 25 kHz:
Number of channels at 8.33 kHz:
Autoresetable internal fuse DC 5 A
Front panel dimensions:63 mm x 63 mm
Depth:232 mm (from the front plate until the end of the antenna connector).
Weight:600 gr
Front panel mounting:Standard 58 mm diameter (2.1/4 inches)