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Radio-link receiver RS-5000

RS-5000 is a multi-channel base receiver working in 174-500 MHz. Designed to be used with BS-5000 base transmitter or BS-2000 / BS-2011 / BS-3507 or the portable unit STAR-42.

Its advanced design gives a high sentitivity in signal reception and a great resistance to interferences. These features allow you to work with all kinds of electronic equipment.

It is a FM wideband receiver with up to 200 selectable channels. It has a complete backligthed display with navegation keys acting and posing all parameters, alarms and equipment selections.

The equipment is housed in a mechanized aluminum case and includes a carrying handle on one of its sides for easy of transport. It can be powered by 90-250VAC and 9-36VDC, which eases its use in any situation. Optionally it can be remotely controled by IP.

Technical characteristics

Frequency generation By mean of a PLL controlled digital synthesizer with 4 buttons for direct selection of four frequencies.
Reception frequency 174 to 500 MHz programable (window of 40 MHz depending on versions)
Number of channels Up to 200 programmable
Modulation FM of +/- 20 kHz (other standards upon request)
Sensitivity Better than 0.5mV for 20dB SINAD
Spurious Below 2nW
Noise reduction Expansor “Silenzo+” selectable (ON/OFF)
SNR SNR (with -47 dBm and +/-20 kHz deviation, 70us of de-enphasis and audio bandwidth of 12.5 kHz): >65dB
Frequency reponse from 40 Hz to 7.5 kHz (with 75us de-enphasis) > +/- 0.5 dB
DSP 16 bit signal digital processor to control management system, including 16 A/D converters and 16 D/A converters
RF input impedance 50 ohms with N female connector on rear panel
Frequency stability Better than +/- 1 ppm from -10oC to +50oC
Audio bandwidth 5 / 7.5 / 10 y 12.5 kHz configurable
Distortion < 0.3%
De-emphasis 50us / 75us / No de-emphasis
Front panel audio outputs
    - 2 balanced outputs XLR3 conenctor
    - 2 unbalanced outputs BNC female connector
    Note: Each audio output has own level control (subpanneled
Power Continuous VAC from 90 to 250V - IEC connector
Continuous VDC from 9 to 36V - 15 pin Sub-D male connector
Mechanized aluminum case
Dimensions 355x85x295 mm with rack 19” 2U adaptor and handle transport
Weight 3 kg
Thermal range -10 C to +50 C
Squelch control By rotary switch on the front panel
Squelch indication OPEN/CLOSED by LED
Squelch adjust level On display
PLL status LED engage/disengage on front panel
Audio monitoring Audio output with jack 6.35 mm connector and level control > 200mW
ON/OFF switch on front panel
Rear panel serial port 9 pin Sub-D connector to programming
VDC reverse polarity protection
4 lines/20 characters screen with menu navegation buttons that exhibit at least indications and configuration of:
    - Working frequency
    - Squelch level
    - RSSI
    - Audio output level
    - De-emphasis selection (50us / 75us / OFF)
    - Expansor selection: ON / OFF
    - Selected frequency indication
    - Selected power indication
    - Selected de-enphasis indication
    - Audio output level indication
    - POWER ON indication by LED
    - PLL engaged/disengaged by LED
    - Squelch OPEN/CLOSED by LED