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Reporter unit STAR-42

The STAR-42 full-duplex reporter unit has been designed thinking in stituations where a portable and autonomous system allows to perform live reports. Together with the RD-42 diversity receiver and the TR-42 return transmitter, conforms a complete full-duplex link suitable to work in live ENG.

The unit is equiped with a 16 channels in the transmitter side as well as 16 channels in the receiver section. The transmitter is a high quality wireless microphone with a power up to 3W* in order to cover extensive areas.

The talkback receiver completes the full-duplex system. Its innovative design gets an excellent radio and audio fidelity in signal bandwidth and dynamics. The unit is provided with a comfortable leather bag for transport. The STAR-42 operates from a Li-Ion battery (type DR-202) that guarantees an endurance no less than 6 hours of continuous work.


TX Radio
Frecuency range 174-500 MHz*, 20 MHz window, depending on versions (A,B,C)
Power HI/LO (0,25/3W)
Channels 16, PLL digital
Channel selection 1 digit hexadecimal encoder, delayed ON and channel change
Modulation +/- 30 KHz* pre-emphasis 50us (others standards upon request)
Output impedance 50 Ω
Spurious emissions < -60 dBc
RF Connector TNC
TX Audio
Input Balanced Mic and line swichtable
NR system "Silenzo" Compressor limiter
Gain control
AF bandwidth 50 Hz/15 KHz* +/- 0,5 dB
Distorsion < 0,3%
Audio Connector XLR3, F
SNR > 85 dB
RX Radio
Frecuency range 174-500 MHz*, 20 Mhz window depending on versions (A,B,C)
Sensitivity -112dBm / 12 dB SINAD
Channels 16, PLL digital
Channel selection 1 digit hexadecimal encoder
Demodulation +/- 30 KHz* de-emphasis 50us (others standards upon request)
Input impedance 50 Ω
Spurious emissions < -2 nW
RF connector TNC
RX Audio
Output Headphones output 1,5v/8 Ω
NR system "Silenzo" Expander
AF bandwidth 50 Hz/15 Khz +/- 0,5 dB
Distorsion < 0,3%
Connector 2 x Jack stereo ¼"
SNR > 85 dB
ON/OFF switch TX and RX
Separate RX and TX channel selector
Mecanized aluminium enclousure, microwave technology
Battery status
Audio peak
Dimensions 190 x 59 x 182 mm
Power Li-Ion battery DR-202
Weight 2,5 kg (including battery)

* Other upon request.