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TDM-15 digital Full-Duplex reporter system

TDM 15 digital equipment is made up of the reporter unit TDM 15P and the base TDM 15B.

It is a digital broadcast quality full-duplex communication system, working just in one frequency for transmission and reception, which allows to use only one antenna

Compact and light equipment, very easy to operate both in the portable and base unit.

Exceptional sturdiness and absolute reliability.

Reporter unit is powered by a long life Ion/lithium battery, which reaches till 10 hours of continuous working. It has RF level, error correction and battery status indications. It has also micro / line selector.

Base can be powered both DC 12 V and AC 220 V (external power power supply is included). It has level adjustable headset output, RF level and error correction indications and micro / line selector.

Technical features
Frequency: 175 MHz / 800 MHz / 900 MHz as assidnet to each country Adjacent channel reject: >60 dB
Number of channels: 10 (others under demand) Locking: > 75 dB @ 1 MHz
Media access: simultaneous TDM full duplex Tx & Rx Nominal deviation: +/- 32.5 kHz
Modulation: FDMW2 Peak deviation: +/- 65 kHz
Error correction: Reed-Solomon FEC Output power: 1 W
Synthesizer resolution: 4,7 Hz Input / output impedance: 50 Ohm
Spurious emissions: complying with ETSI ETS 300 454 Rx sensitivity: -100 dBm @ packet error rate < 5e-4
Data rate (uplink + downlink) = 250 kbps Comply with ETSI, FCC y ARIB
Input and output impedance: 600 Ohm SNR: > 85 dB
Audio bandwidth: 7.5 kHz / 15 kHz Audio output level: +10 dBm max
Distortion: < 0,3% Portable part Tx audio: broadcast wide band quality
Encoding: WAC 64 kbps Base part Tx audio: broadcast wide band quality
Sampling frequency: 16 kHz / 32 kHz
TDM 15P (portable) TDM 15B (base)
Ten selectable channels Ten selectable channels
Micro / line selector Line output: XLR3
Headset jack connector XLR3 micro / line balanced input
XLR3 micro / line balanced input Jack connector with adjustable level headset output
Antenna connector: TNC type Selector micro / line
Battery status indicator:
(orange 30% remaining, red 15% remaining)
Antenna connector: TNC type
RF level and error correction status indicators RF level and error correction status indicators
High capacity lithium battery, 11.2 V / 7.8 Ah Power supply: 12 VDC / 220 VAC
(External power supply included)
Thermal range: -45 ºC / +80 ºC Thermal range: -45 ºC / +80 ºC
Dimensions (mm): 210 x 128 x 58 Dimensions (mm): 228 x 128 x 40
Weight: 1.5 kg (battery included) Weight: 0.6 kg
Delivered with bandolier, antenna and battery charger Supplied with external power supply and antenna