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VHF Talkback transmitter TR-42-V

TR-42-V is a VHF transmitter that depending on factory adjustments, can be used for multiple purposes like studio talkback transmitter for presenters or any other kind of working crew that need a very high quality transmission.

It can work with walkie-talkie or in-ear receiver (Phonak). Adjustable power from 0,250W to 6W. This system is easily reprogrammable via PC


Frecuency range 138-200 MHz*
Power 0,250W TO 6W
Channels 16, PLL digital
Ch Selector 1 digit hexadecimal encoder, delayed
Modulation +/- 7,5 KHz / +/- 30 KHz*
Output impedance 50 Ω
Spurious emissions < 36 dBm
RF output connector Type N
Audio Input Mic/líne sel.
NR system "Silenzo" Compressor limiter
Gain Control Front Panel
AF bandwidth 200Hz-5KHz / 50Hz-15KHz*
Distorsion < 0,3%
Audio connector XLR3 F
SNR > 60 dB
Audio Peak
Audio level
Channel display
ON/OFF Switch
Mic/line Switch
Channel encoder control
Audio Gain control
Aluminium box
Power external 12V DC / 2 A
Power connector XLR4 F
Dimensions 300x145x40 mm (1/3 rack)
Weight 0,8 kg

* Other upon request.