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Wireless intercom system VOKKERO

Vokkero is a complete system composed of a set of portable radio terminals and a wide range of headsets and accessories. It enables several users to create an instant, continuous and secure audio conference. A hands-free system, it doesn't need a base station. Simple, intuitive and economical to use (royalty-free frequencies), Vokkero adapts to the specific features and needs of all users thanks to its many easily accessible functions.

Equipped with a patented noise filter, Vokkero solves all communication problems in noisy environments. Utilized at the highest levels of sports officiating, Vokkero is also perfectly suited to the construction, industrial, marine, security, entertainment and hospitality industries.


  • Full duplex: immediate and continuous audio communication.
  • Hands-free: instant speaking with nothing to press.
  • No fixed installation: completely mobile system for unrestricted movement.
  • Uses royalty-free frequencies: no communication costs.
  • Patented noise filter: perfect audio quality whatever the environment.
  • Digital encryption: secure and confidential communication.
  • Multi-channel: several systems can be used on the same site.
  • « Group » function: the network can be divided into user sub-groups.
  • Optional push to talk feature: allows you control when you broadcast to the network.
  • Compact, light, robust, long battery life: 120 x 60 x 25 mm - 150g, IP54, up to 14 hours of use.


Number of users 2 to 6 in full duplex mode + an unlimited number in listening mode
Range Up to 800m (1/2 mile)
Channels 3 (in Europe) - FHSS (US, Canada)
Modulation GFSK
Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymer 3.7V 1000 mAh
Frequencies 863-870MHz (Europe, South Africa...)
902-928 MHz (USA, Canada, Australia...)
Power 10/200mW
Weight 150g - 5.3 oz (battery included)
Dimensions 120 x 60 x 25mm (4.7"x 2.4" x 0.8")
T° range -10/+50°C (14/122°F)
Sensitivity -103dBm
Technology TDMA
Norms Europe: EN 300-220 / EN 301-357
USA: FCC Part 15
AS/NZS 4268
Aimed at professionals working in demanding environments that need to work in a safe hands-free.
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Ideal system for communication between the examiner and the student aspiring motorcycle license.
Designed for use on ships, is the ideal way to ensure a high level of safety during navigation maneuvers, in order to improve the efficiency of the crew and to optimize the communications tactics.
Developed to meet specific needs of the rescue teams (fire, ambulance, etc.). Because you do not need any fixed installation or base makes it possible to immediately establish communication.
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